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The Best, the Brightest, and the Least Arrogant

Over the last 24 hours, President-Elect Obama has announced his new economic team.   What do they all have in common?   

Retreads from the Clinton Administration?    Rubin protégés?   No, not all.


Friends of mine?    Well, yes.    As it happens, they have been friends, for 12-to-30 years.    (god forgive me.   There is no greater turnoff in a column […] Continue reading

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Tim Geithner As Treasury Secretary: A Man Who Doesn?t Lose his Cool

News services reported today that Tim Geithner, currently President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was President-elect Obama’s choice to be Secretary of the Treasury. The markets reacted very positively to the news. This presumably captures both relief that some policy uncertainty has been resolved at this critical juncture and approval that Geithner […] Continue reading

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My Guess: Larry Summers will be Chosen Treasury Secretary

Everyone speculating on President-Elect Obama’s most likely choice for Secretary of the Treasury has the same two names:    Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.   I have known them for a long time, and worked with both in the Clinton Administration.   Either one would be excellent.  Geithner is now way ahead in the Intrade odds: 45% to […] Continue reading

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A Few Tax Policy Suggestions for Our New President

Three areas that our new President will have to address during his term in office are the recession, energy and the environment, and the long-run fiscal outlook.    The recession is the most urgent.  But the long-run fiscal outlook will be the most difficult.   Social Security and Medicare would have made addressing the long-run fiscal outlook […] Continue reading

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