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Trying to Hit Ambitious Global Greenhouse Gas Goals, While Obeying Political Constraints

National leaders are meeting at the United Nations in New York today, to discuss the climate change negotiations. Talks will continue at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh later in the week. But hopes look very bleak for progress sufficient to … Continue reading

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What’s “Hot” and What’s Not in International Money

The field of International Monetary Economics is not without its own cycles and fads. In a speech at the European Central Bank over the summer, “On Global Currencies,” I identified eight concepts that I saw as having recently “peaked” and … Continue reading

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Why Did Economists Get it So Wrong? Krugman is Right

The Queen of England during the summer asked economists why no one had predicted the credit crunch and recession. Paul Krugman points out that, inasmuch as economists can almost never predict the timing of recessions (and don’t claim to be … Continue reading

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